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Vissco Lumbocare (Lumbo Sacral Belt)- Pc 102- S/M/L/XL


Place on the lower back and stretch the elastic from both sides to lock in the front. Stretch and lock the outer straps for additional reinforcement.
How to measure
1. Stand up straight and exhale.
2. Wrap a tape measure just above your hip bone.
3. Hold tape measure flat against body, not too tight, and take a reading.
**Vissco Lumbocare (Lumbo Sacral Belt) | Provides Support to the Lower Back | Pain solution for Back and Abdomen (Grey)


This lower back support belt can be used for acute lower back pain, slip disc, disc herniation, lumbar spondylosis, muscle weakness in the lumbar spine and other conditions causing pain and discomfort in the lower back, and requiring mild support.
This belt is scientifically designed and uses monofilament technology to ensure a perfect fit. The belt’s compression with the dual adjustable strap is optimized to provide a perfect fit around the waist. The ABS splints reinforces the back muscles facilitating a good posture, reducing lordosis and pelvic ante-rotation. This belt provides an immediate noticeable therapeutic relief to the lumbar spine.
Latex-free double covered lycra is blended with composite yarn to make the material durable, breathable & skin-friendly. The monofilament elastic undergoes a special coating and finishing process to make the material last longer and adding anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


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