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Patient Shifter

Most Proven Method of Lateral Transfers Accepted and Acknowledged Worldwide (Watch Video With Audio Loud).Kindly note u can bridge height gaps upto 30 cms between OtTable to Trolley and between Trolley to Hospital Bed without Height Adjuustment Trolley with just 2 Nurses Upto 225 Kgs.Lifelong Reusable.Made up of a special plastic that is Unbreakable.Patient itself does not realise that he has been shifted between OT to Trolley or Trolley to Bed as he is not touched during the entire patient transfer process and since there is no lifting involved since this is a sliding technique there is no back pain injury or back pain to the nurses who aid in this patient transfer process.Patient Transfer takes place at the same level very easily,higher level to lower level is more easy and lower to higher level easily also.Patient recieves total support from skull to toe without the Trauma of being gripped by eight hands.


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